Up-and-coming events

Eight Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Starting Monday morning 14th January 2019: Diana will be running a 8-week Mindfulness Course.  The weekly sessions will begin at 10.00am and last for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

(An eight week Mindfulness course is planned to start in April 2019)

The course will cost £140 per person. Please contact us via the website, or call Diana on 07952 548 040.

The venue will be at The Loft, Brockweir and Hewelsfield Community Shop, NP16 7NW.

The Mindfulness meditation practice is a way of training the mind to be present. The weekly sessions and home study encourages participants to cultivate their meditation practise, paying attention to what is happening as it happens, and doing so with an attitude of kindness, acceptance, and non-judgment.

Mindfulness results in developing greater self-awareness, and enables us to engage with life with more joy, empathy and resilience. It nurtures and deepens our understanding of our true self, and how we can respond to difficult emotions and experiences with greater wisdom and flexibility. Over time, we learn to live with greater happiness and vitality.

The Mindfulness meditation is a secular course is founded in the principles of mindfulness-based stress-reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT).

One day Mindfulness meditation practice

Join us, Ros and Diana, for a day of Mindfulness meditation. The course is offered for those wishing to enhance and share their meditation experience with others; and we welcome beginners to experience the joy mindfulness mediation, of being in the present moment with kindness, acceptance and non-judgement.

  • 16th March 2019 in Brecon
  • 27th April 2019 in St Briavels

The course will cost £40 per person. Please contact us via the website, or call Diana on 07952 548 040.

Deepen and refresh your practice through our Meditation Group

Diana offers a fortnightly meditation group  in St. Briavels. For further details call Diana on 07952 548 040.

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