Reflections on Mindfulness Meditation

From the recent 8-week Mindfulness course January 2019, participant feedback included:

Amazing experience with an amazing woman and group of people. Thank you Diana for your guidance and helping me to reconnect with myself at a time when I needed it most. My journey has began with the best start possible. – A xx

‘I would like to thank you for the 8 week Mindful Living course, culminating in our relaxing and restorative day of mindfulness. As someone with existing experience and knowledge of mindfulness meditation, I still found the course very worthwhile and educational in terms of deepening my practice. Your skilful facilitation encouraged and allowed all participants to share their reflections and this in turn created a very supportive and nurturing environment in which to practise. Thank you again – R.’

K – ‘Monday was excellent, thank you. I was in a relaxed world of my own afterwards! And even as the effect wore off and stresses dropped into my day, my thinking about them was different.’

Fifteen participants came to our Mindfulness Taster Day in St Briavels, and here are some of their comments:

“Really great day – a brilliant introduction to Mindfulness!”

“A lovely day, with lovely people and in a great venue! A very specail day!”

“It was lovely just to step out of time for a while and enjoy the peace and the learning, as well as good company.”

“Diana and Sharon were very good trainers. I gained a lot of insight from the day.”

“The day was very well planned and balanced.”

“A lovely refresher course. I learned to trust myself to continue my mindfulness.”

“I enjoyed the mindful movement!”

“The eating meditation felt very apt for me!”

“I was sceptical, nervous, unsure what to expect – whether I could actually manage the entire day, but was pleasantly impressed!”

“Enjoyed the whole day! Relaxed!”