Reflections on Mindfulness Meditation

Fifteen participants came to our Mindfulness Taster Day in St Briavels, and here are some of their comments:

“Really great day – a brilliant introduction to Mindfulness!”

“A lovely day, with lovely people and in a great venue! A very specail day!”

“It was lovely just to step out of time for a while and enjoy the peace and the learning, as well as good company.”

“Diana and Sharon were very good trainers. I gained a lot of insight from the day.”

“The day was very well planned and balanced.”

“A lovely refresher course. I learned to trust myself to continue my mindfulness.”

“I enjoyed the mindful movement!”

“The eating meditation felt very apt for me!”

“I was sceptical, nervous, unsure what to expect – whether I could actually manage the entire day, but was pleasantly impressed!”

“Enjoyed the whole day! Relaxed!”